2013-04-16 Germany(1)

P&J Arcomet places vital importance on operating and maintaining safety on construction projects. Our team is trained and updated on the latest safety procedures to ensure the safety of the general public, our clients, sub-contractors and our own team. We invest time, money and resources to ensure our equipment is properly equipped and maintained; and our team and our subcontractors operate with a heightened sense of awareness to prevent accidents. Each teammate within P&J Arcomet is empowered, educated and expected to maintain a safe working environment, at all times in an effort to protect all personnel.

Some of the steps required to be safe on the construction project are:

PLANNING: P&J works with our clients to create a Safety Plan that ensures a successful construction project. Many specific plans can be created for any project.

EQUIPMENT: P&J operates a fleet of tower cranes designed for efficiency and safety from assembly to dismantle, and seeks to operate and maintain our equipment within the guidelines of OSHA and ASME.

PERSONNEL: Qualified and competent personnel are required to ensure the jobsite runs smoothly and safely. Safety is priority. P&J Arcomet conducts in-house and third-party training in accordance with manufacturer, OSHA, ANSI, ASME, and NCCCO requirements.

JOBSITE: Each jobsite presents a unique set of challenges and obstacles in order to complete a safe project. P&J and our partners seek to maintain and uphold a safe jobsite throughout all phases of construction.

P&J Arcomet plans, operates and maintains at a high level to ensure safety for your next project.